Jiang Dao’s eyes almost turned green upon seeing the yogurt and biscuits on the table.

He was too lazy to play a good baby in front of the camera, so after saying hello to a few people, he went straight to the table, picked up a bottle of yogurt, twisted it open, and took a few mouthfuls.

Then he sighed contentedly: “Finally alive!”

Lu Yun couldn’t help but laugh: “What’s going on? Your manager also didn’t let you have breakfast?”

Jiang Dao licked the corner of his mouth and grabbed onto the key words.
“Also? Your manager didn’t let you eat?”

Lu Yun laughed and pointed at Zhou Wei.
“Weiwei’s manager didn’t let him eat either.
Just now, his stomach was rumbling, but no matter how we tried to persuade him, he didn’t even touch a single cookie!”

A thin layer of red visibly rose on Zhou Wei’s cheeks at having the embarrassing incident exposed.

He knew that there were cameras in the lounge filming all the time.
They also had mics on them, so his stomach growl just now will definitely be cut into the featured film.
What’s more, Jiang Dao also brought a camera in… Just by looking at the direction of the camera, he knew that the camera was capturing a close-up of him!

On the side, Tang Yao said with a smile: “You only know that eating happens on the show, but you don’t know that the recording team still tricks people.
There are a lot of things prepared, and competitions ahead, so lunch can’t be eaten until after one o’clock.
If you don’t eat breakfast, then you’ll go crazy with hunger.”

After speaking, he patted Zhou Wei on the back and persuaded: “Look at how refined Xiao Dao is, without the agent around, eating whatever he wants.
Come on, eat some biscuits, Or drink some yogurt to pad your stomach.”

Hearing Lu Yun mentioning Zhou Wei’s stomach growl, Jiang Dao recalled the plot in the book.

In the following text, this seemingly innocuous event attracted a lot of mother fans for Zhou Wei, and also laid the foundation for Zhou Wei to become the favorite of the Eat! crowd.

To be honest, Jiang Dao quite likes the Zhou Wei written in the book.
He is simple, kind, intelligent, educated, and easily shy but soft on the outside and firm on the inside.
For the sake of his dreams, he grew rapidly after repeated setbacks.

Jiang Dao has seen a lot of darkness and slaughter in the last days.
If this book hadn’t made him see the possibility of a beautiful life, he might have lost his perseverance to fight.

In order to maintain the beautiful love story in the book, Jiang Dao decided to fuel the fire.
So, he grabbed a bottle of yogurt and threw it to Tang Yao.

Tang Yao caught it subconsciously, with an inexplicable look on his face.
“Give it to me?”

Jiang Dao: “Well.
Zhou Wei refuses to eat it, so you feed him.”

Tang Yao: …

Zhou Wei: …

Lu Yun smiled widely and agreed.
“That’s right, Xiao Tang, Weiwei won’t eat it, so you feed! Isn’t this our tradition? Eat until you’re like a stuffed duck.”

Yi Bailu tried her best to hold back her laughter but failed.
Covering her mouth, she said, “Then I’d rather prefer biscuits, how do you feed yogurt?

Jiang Dao thought for a while: “Mouth to mouth?”

This is a passage that appeared later in the book, and is a feasible method.

Lu Jun slapped his palm: “Good idea!”

Yi Bailu smiled half-angrily.
“You’re terrible, Xiaodao!”

Zhou Wei’s face turned red.

He glared at Jiang Dao angrily, reached out and grabbed the yogurt from Tang Yao, unscrewed it, and drank it without saying a word.

Tang Yao was relieved: “It’s done, the sponsorship shot didn’t run.”

After he finished speaking, he turned his head to look at the silent camera beside him, pointed at Zhou Wei, and said solemnly: “Baiyou yogurt, real fruit grains, full of nutrition! OK, my task is completed.”

Zhou Wei was helpless: ” Brother Yao! Jiang Dao messing around is one thing, why are you like this?”

Tang Yao raised his eyebrows and squinted at Zhou Wei with a wicked smile.

At this time, one of the show assistants knocked on the door frame of the lounge.
“We’re ready to start shooting! You… yo, you’re ready to eat? There’s a big meal in a while, can you still eat it?”

“Don’t worry, we’re all able to.”

“No matter how much I can eat, I will never leave a bone for the directing team!”

“I’ve been waiting for the food in Nagisa City, why can’t I eat?”

Everyone was joking, and noisily moved from the lounge to the shooting site.

As soon as he entered the door, Jiang Dao keenly smelled a tantalizing aroma.

“Fish!” His eyes lit up.
He searched around the shooting hall, sniffing, but couldn’t find the source of the aroma.

This topic is very suitable for the extension of the theme of the cook.
Yi Bailu also smelled it, and gave Jiang Dao a thumbs up.
“You have a really good nose, why didn’t I smell fish?”

“Nagisa City cuisine, it must be sweet and sour fish.” Lu Jun is well-informed.
“Maybe there is also a Nagisa City seafood feast.
For land dishes, Huaishan roast chicken and claypot dishes are also good, as well as braised mutton.
As for staples, braised noodles, glutinous rice, guokui1a type of flatbread, etc…”

Jiang Dao couldn’t help swallowing when he heard Lu Yun announce dish names one after another.

This variety show is really good.
It is worth dying to be able to taste the deliciousness in this book!

At this moment, Jiang Dao decided that he would do his best in this variety show.

What retreat? What sabotage? What free life raising a dog and cat in the pastoral?

Wait until he finishes eating first.

Just when Jiang Dao was in high spirits and ready to show off his skills…

Suddenly, a slight footstep sounded in his ears, approaching him quickly from behind.

Jiang Dao’s hair stood up straight.

He was so distracted just now that he didn’t notice anyone approaching him from behind.

This distance – can already be fatal in one blow!

The next second, a hand suddenly placed on Jiang Dao’s shoulder.

Almost at the same moment, Jiang Dao twisted his waist, took a lunge back, clasped the hand on his shoulder with his backhand, and then suddenly exerted force on his waist and abdomen, and threw the man behind him towards the ground!



“Be careful!”

In the exclamations of everyone, Jiang Dao was staggered by his own movements and his opponent’s weight, and fell forward uncontrollably.

The man who was thrown had already adjusted his body in midair and was ready to land safely, but he didn’t expect Jiang Dao to play his cards unreasonably and threw himself directly into his arms.
This time, he also lost his center of gravity, staggered two steps back, and was finally brought down to the floor by Jiang Dao.

Jiang Dao lay on top of the other person and cursed angrily.

What a ragged little body!

He can still knock himself down with such a simple over-the-shoulder throw?

And his waist seems to be strained.
There’s a little pain, and he can’t get up for a while.

The medical staff of the film crew quickly surrounded them and helped them sit up to check their injuries.

Chu, where is the injury?” The staff asked with concern.

“Brother Long, are you alright?” Tang Yao and Chu Yinlong have a good relationship, and he moved forward to express his concern.

Chu isn’t injured, right?” Even the director rushed over with a hint of apprehension in his tone.

As a top kung fu star, Chu Yinlong is well-known in the circle for his bad temper.
Videos of him scolding actors on the set circulate on the internet one after another.
If he got angry and punched out, Jiang Dao might have to be sent directly to the hospital.

Jiang Dao rubbed his throbbing waist, frowned, and raised his eyes to look at the starry guy his agent was talking about, thinking: “This is Chu Yinlong?” Really a big presence.

However, the other party also looked over.
He didn’t seem angry, and there was a slight smile in his eyes.

“Jiang Dao!” Zhu Yao, who rushed over in a hurry, said sharply.
“Still not apologizing to Teacher Chu?!”

Because his body was too weak and his waist was still a little sore, Jiang Dao was in a bad mood.
He glanced at Zhu Yao coldly.

The second sentence Zhu Yao was about to say suddenly got stuck in his throat for some reason.

However, when the tingling feeling in his scalp passed, and when he looked at Jiang Dao again, he found that his artist had returned to his previous lazy appearance.
Still hasn’t apologized.

“I’m fine.”

No one expected Chu Yinlong to speak first.
“Check him, he seems to have a strained psoas muscle.”

After speaking, he stood up, straightened his clothes, and looked at Zhu Yao.
“No need to apologize, it’s my problem.
I should have reminded him earlier that someone was approaching from behind.
If I was suddenly tapped on the shoulder from behind, I would have subconsciously attacked.”

Seeing that Chu Yinlong was not injured and did not lose his temper, everyone present breathed a sigh of relief.

With an impeccable smile, Zhu Yao apologized for Jiang Dao.

“It’s obviously a problem with the recording team.”

Seeing that Chu Yinlong was not injured, Tang Yao was relieved, and began to joke: “Did they arrange for you to enter the venue mysteriously and surprise us? You guys don’t know, they made this arrangement several times before, and scared us sh*tless!”

The variety show director was young and not very experienced.
He could only smile bitterly and apologize in front of the two big shots.
“Yes, yes, we didn’t arrange it well.
Teacher Chu shouldn’t scare Xiao Dao… Oh right, Xiao Dao, are you alright? Are you seriously injured?”

Jiang Dao shook his head perfunctorily: “It’s fine with some rubbing.”

Compared to the strain, he felt that the shock to his heart was even more serious.

This weak chicken body, he has to train it well! Throwing himself down when throwing someone, this body really is really sorry for the food he ate.

“Not bad, can you do some kung fu?”

On the side, Chu Yinlong looked down at Jiang Dao, who was sitting on the floor, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.
“The skills are good, but unfortunately, the strength is not enough.
Practice more.”

Jiang Dao, whose sore point was poked, shot Chu Yinlong an angry look.

The corner of Chu Yinlong’s mouth raised further, and he smiled.
“And you have to eat more to gain strength.”

Jiang Dao: …

Chu Yinlong: “Today, try to win at least one dish.”

Jiang Dao was too lazy to care.
He turned his head to the director and said, “I didn’t mean to do that just now… The scene will damage Teacher Chu’s image of a tough guy, can it be cut?”

By the way, he also cut out his weak and shameful appearance.

The director didn’t want to make a big fuss, so he nodded.
“It will be cut.
I’ll have to re-shoot it later.”

Before Jiang Dao could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Chu Yinlong ask, “Did you film it just now?”

The cameraman was trembling on the side: “It’s taken… It’s taken.”

Chu Yinlong was satisfied: “En, don’t delete it, send it to me.”

Jiang Dao: …

He’s really a nasty guy, no wonder he’s just a passerby in the book.

After recording today’s variety show, as written in the book, let’s never see you again.


T/N: Some liberties will be taken when translating food/place names so they are reader friendly.
E.g., the sweet & sour fish mentioned is a particular dish with a particular cooking method/ingredients that aren’t well-described in English.

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1a type of flatbread

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