Black Monolith Origins

The Strange Visitor


Not only that, but he could see that the stress recently granted to him was beginning to lose its form; thus he then sees to it that he go somewhere to cool his spirit.

But before he did as, he was in his underwear adorned fully black coverings that extend both his elbows passed his wrist, and covering down to his shin. The shoe he wore was made from cotton.

Outside the carrier he went, quickening his grip on the bar aligned before him and steer his eyes at the gray seas below.

It was indeed approaching morning where he can make distinctive colorization, but as far as he knows it was not raining and the waters here may be natural.

Within a minute time, he give a second heave, time out of irritation:

”For a time I ran. I ran and kept running as they cut me off from all corners. ” He said with a shook of his head;

”I couldn continue that way, not just for me but more importantly for them… ” uttered partially in determination.

”The running ceased, so why must these images still hunt me so? ” And he truly at the verge of anguish.

”Ill advise you not to go down that path you are taking… ” Said the words of a mysterious stranger.

This foreign voice and presence came at such a sudden shock for him that he instantly went on alert.

”Woah there buddy, am not here looking for trouble…yet! ”.

So, the man before him leaned back on the rails, where his face was averting to his direction. He waved his hand in a manner begging him to perish such thoughts.

Though all that did was cause Sergile to gaze at him more suspiciously. The stranger had not noticed that something was taking from at the formers back.

”Who are you, where did you come from, and how did you get here? ” Sergile demanded answers.

in a laymans terms he was asking: [How the hell did you get pass my security!?]

This carrier was assigned to him, and indeed he allowed guests to lodge with him as he carried forward, but this individual was not familiar to him in any sense of the word.

There are numerous trained Security Personal upon the carrier, where there is no commotion made about this person, and no alert from his Security Surveliance.

He quickly judge to his as too dangerous, and he was convince of such knowing that a surveliance camera was peering outside of the door at this very spot.

Yet no one came out to patrol the area, nor did any alarm went off like stated earlier.

Though he demanded answers, he had not forgotten to ask:

”Also, please emphasize what you meant by ”yet ”… ”

And there was a pregnant pause before the Stranger sighed, and for a second, he glowed in the hue of gold.

Upon seeing this, Sergile eyes grew wide:

e a gifted? ” Yet, he knew that he did not have to ask by all evidence.

”Correct! ” The Stranger answered, then went on to say:

”You are well hidden too, but I already knew you for a time… ”

Sergile eased back, appalled and looked at him cut eye:

”Should I feel flattered? ” And though he was being sarcastic, he never liked the idea of being screened from afar.

Note to self, be more mindful of your surroundings

The Stranger, however, chuckled:

”I bare no intent, but I soared all the way here to issue to you a challenge… ”

”A challenge? ” Sergile was confused, why was he sought just to be presented with a challenge?

”Yes, a challenge that not only bare the fate… the balance of you and me, but of all that belong… ”

And with that, Sergile flared into anger that a surge of spirit began to permeate from him. It was the same golden glow.

”Don think Ill allow this to follow through if you
e going to make this personal! ” As sparks began to leave his aura.

”Hahahahaha, thats the spirit, but Ill advise you to hear me out to know what this challenge pertains… ”

And in response Sergile commanded him to ”Speak! ”

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