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After looking at the magic training spot, she showed me the entire wall.
Somehow, I didn’t get tired from that.
Ah, right.
I’m an automaton now, so I don’t have muscles that get tired.

Then we went back to the kitchen to make dinner, Ophelia cooked and I helped with what I could.
After we ate together, I helped to wash the dishes.

Ophelia said she had to get something ready so she went to her room, and I waited for her in my own room.
To be honest, I feel like there are a lot more interesting fantasy things around the house, but my life is tied to my Mistress.
I can’t just do something careless and get into a dangerous situation.

So for now, I’ll just see what I can find in my room.
There was a bed, a closet, a desk, and a chair.
It was enough, while not being excessive, it was exactly what I’d expect for a servant.
Though from the way she acted, she would probably give me more things if I asked for them.

“I’d like to read some novels at least.”

Even though I was starting to live again in another world, it was hard to separate myself from my otaku roots.

“I’ll have to learn how they write in this world first though.”

I had never been good with other languages like English, but I would do my best to consume entertainment.

“I wonder what’s inside here.”

I open the closet and find multiple identical sets of clothes.
All maid uniforms.
My Mistress really prepared everything for me.
I got so happy my eyes started feeling warm, though I didn’t cry.

Checking the lower drawers, I saw some sexy underwear too, yay! This would’ve been a goldmine in my past life! Though I’ll be wearing it in this life!

Realizing that, I froze in terror until I heard a knock on the door.
It was obvious who was there.

“Natalia, let’s take a bath, I’ll show you how everything works there too.
And bring a change of underwear.”
“Right away, Mistress.”

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Ahh, a bath.
I wasn’t expecting that as an automaton.

I return to the closet and take out a set of underwear, both the lower and upper type.
That was important to remember.
I was still easily entranced by girls, fantasizing all sorts of things, and I could not let my own appearance stop that.

Ophelia was waiting for me in the bathroom.

“After you undress here you can put your used clothes in the basket.
Doing the laundry can be left for tomorrow.”

That was also going to be my job.

“Why are you still standing there? Undress already.”
“Huh? Ah, right.”

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I hurriedly take off my maid outfit, seeing the artificial skin under them again.
While I knew it was my own body, and also an automaton, I still felt unnerved looking at it.

“The bath itself is behind this door.”

I walk past the door and enter a room filled with steam.

The bathroom was large, like that of a Japanese inn, and there was plenty of space for three adults in the water.
There was a slightly pink color to the steam, and I could faintly smell roses in the air, probably from some sort of bathing powder.
There was also a shower next to the bathtub.

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By now I expected as much and wasn’t as surprised as before.

“I was the most involved in designing this bathroom when the house was built.
I’m quite proud of it.”
“I see-?!”

I turn around and to my surprise, I see Ophelia, buck naked and with her hair down.
I had thought she was stylish before, but I could see just how gorgeous she is now, without anything getting in the way.

“What happened?”

I had already guessed as much, but my Mistress truly possesses something magnificent.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

I feel ashamed and guilty, but the large and ripe fruits I had seen are burned into my eyes already.

“Anyway, this is how this works.
First you turn the faucet here.”
“I see.”

Calm down, me.
Stare too much and it’ll seem weird.
It’ll look obvious you’re a virgin if you look so distracted too.
N-n-n-n-n-not like I’m a virgin though!
Deep breaths, I have to calm down and focus.
Don’t let it overwhelm you.
Nothing good comes out from rushing things.
Slow and steady does the job.

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“Always wipe down your body before entering the bath.”
“Got it.”

I’m an automaton, I’m an automaton.
No matter how alluring Ophelia’s bountiful bosom is, I won’t get distracted by it.

“So? Does it feel weird?”
“Not at all, everything is fine.”

I’m an automaton.
I’m an automaton.
I’m an automaton.
I’m an automaton.
Even if Ophelia washes my naked body I won’t budge.

“Baths are so nice.”

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I’m an automaton.
I’m an automaton.
I’m an automaton.
I’m an automaton.
I’m an automaton.
I’m an automaton.
Even if Ophelia’s b̲o̲o̲b̲s̲ are floating in the water in front of me, I won’t budge1.

“Phew, that felt really good.”

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Huh, I didn’t feel the time passing and before I noticed we were back in the changing room.
I feel like I had wasted a great opportunity, but no one would be able to go through such an enjoyable yet shameful hellish heaven without going insane!

“Natalia, raise your arms.”

Ah, it feels nice to have someone else rubbing a towel on me.
The next step is to put underwear on.
I feel like giving up already.

“There we go.”

Ophelia tied up her long black hair above her nape.
Ohh, her light purple negligee looks gorgeous on her.

“This one is for you.”

So I have to wear one too…
She used a hairdryer on me (which also felt incredible), and it was time to call it a day.



Robinxen: Be strong! Ganbaru!

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