Chapter 1: Observers outside of time



In the afternoon, Yin Shen made an appointment with a friend and had tea in a refreshment restaurant.

Yin Shen stretched out his hand from the second floor and called out the man who came in: “Here!”

A man in the lobby saw him immediately and walked up with a smile.

It was Cuntou, he was an webnovel writer and a classmate of Yin Shen’s university.
A kind of person who knows a little bit about everything, but not in-depth.
He was one of the best people for having small talk with.

Yin Shen likes to chat with him.
He liked to talk about science and science fiction, mythology and history, astronomy and geography, military and civil news, etc.

Their talks are not very strict, or pure nonsense, but had a very relaxing feel.

This time, the two talked about mythology from history and mythology from legendary novels mixed with western rumors

Yin Shen suddenly said, “Recently, when I fall asleep in the middle of the night, I always feel that my soul suddenly leaves my body.”

“Then all night, I watch my own body until I wake.”

“It’s kind of like…”

“Western soul projection, as well as the yin **** in your novels.”

“You said, what’s the situation?”

Cuntou did not laugh at Yin Shen’s words which were full of absurdity, instead he thought about it for a while and organized his thoughts.

“The first thing that needs to be understood is that if a person really has a soul, what is the composition of a person’s soul?”

“Is it matter or energy?”

Yin Shen thought for a while and said uncertainly.

“It doesn’t seem to be either.”

Cuntou then asked, “So what about memory and consciousness? Is it in the soul or still in the brain?”

Yin Shen said with confirmation: “It’s in the soul.”

“I feel my body is like an anchor point, anchoring my soul to this point.”

“I can obviously get out with just one struggle, but I feel that when I get out, something terrible will happen.”

“This feeling fear came so unexpectedly, that I didn’t dare to go do it again.”

Yin Shen suddenly laughed: “Do you think I will awaken some superpowers or start to cultivating to immortality?”

Cuntou shook his head: “For the time being, it doesn’t matter if what you are saying is true or not, if a person really has a soul, and it does not belong to matter and energy, even memory and consciousness can be stored in it, then it is not a superpower or something.”

“What kind of soul projection, what kind of yin **** travels, those are just the existences that the ancient people imagined and compared with to what we know now, it is like the difference between the sky and the earth.”

“Even the gods in historical mythology and the immortals in Taoist legends cannot match this kind of existence.”

“Even Pangu, the creator God, Brahma, Kaos, and Asathos, who pioneered the world, have nothing to do with you.”

Yin Shen was stunned on the spot when he heard these words.
He was still talking about human souls just now, so why did he get involved with these creators and the supreme gods among the myths?

“What are you talking about, isn’t it just a human soul?”

“According to what you said, if a person has a soul, he can directly be invincible.”

Xiuxian said seriously: “I didn’t talk nonsense, but had solid evidence.”

“Because the universe is composed of matter, and time is the manifestation of the movement, the continuity of change, and the sequence of matter.”

“If your soul does not belong to matter and energy, and since your consciousness is not based on the brain but the soul.”

“What does this mean?”

“Your soul and this universe are like two non-overlapping planes.
You can transcend outside of this universe, even without being constrained by time.”

“Think about it, isn’t it like this?”

Yin Shen then asked: “Doesn’t that mean that the soul

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