My Secretive Mr Ryan.


d. Coconut was a preferable option as he was thick-headed.

Ryan turned around slowly with his cold face. His eyes landed directly on Evelyn who felt like she was going to go through a shock therapy section and was already imagining her soul being dead and being pressed by the hospitals iron just to revive her. Why was he so gorgeous and scary at the same time? How was she supposed to get close to him if his looks were making her imagine all sorts of death scenarios?

Ryans gaze didn last much longer on her as he took his seat on the biggest chair in the dining hall that was at the head of the table. Mandarin stood domineeringly behind him and touched his shoulders in a…maybe soothing manner and other ladies couldn help but grimace including Evelyn. What did she even think of herself? That she was special than any other women standing in the room? Well, she might be since she could afford the latest Lamborghini ride and had Ryan at her beck and call while she [Evelyn] could only afford her favorite bike which she had been using for the past three years and had to try to win Ryans heart.

”Boss, these are the successful contestants, ” Coconut spoke and directed with his hand that the ladies placed their meal accordingly in front of Ryan. After they did this, Mandarin took it upon herself to taste each meal and savor the taste. She cast down a disgusting look at a few until she got to Evelyns side.

”What is this that you have prepared? ” She asked.

”Its my recipe known as Chicken Veggie, ” Evelyn replied and earned a mocking laugh from Mandarin before her face turned serious.

”Are you blind? Are you blind that you can see the riches of this place before entering? Do you think that we look like some commoners to you that you went ahead to prepare a beggars meal for us? ”

”You consider it a beggars meal but it is not because its a simple meal prepared with lots of nutrients to make you grow well, give you more flesh and help your brain and thinking to function very well, ” Evelyn replied meaningfully. Those around were stunned at the psychological manner of response that they just heard. Coconut glanced at his boss who was still wearing the same facial expression and sighed.

”Are you indirectly telling me that my brain is not functioning and that I look skinny as a rake? ” Mandarin asked furiously and Evelyn smiled.

”Wow, you must be so smart and intelligent to have given meaning to my words but I didn say any of what you just accused me of. I only told you the work…nutritional value this meal of mine will add to your beauty and body. Everyone here can serve as a witness that I did not say what you ACCUSED me off. ” Evelyn replied intelligently.

Mandarin was now more than furious. She understood the meaning of the words Evelyn had spoken and she was sure that others understood them too but the foolish girl was blatantly lying and turning the cruise around to hit her. No one had ever spoken to her in that manner before so how dare she? She threw the meal to the floor in anger and that gripped everyone by surprise.

Evelyn could see the imaginary air coming out of Mandarins ears and her snarling like an angry hell bull.

”How dare you say such words to me? Don you have any respect? Were you not taught well by your parents… ”

”Whatever that you are going to say to me, Miss, try to be respectful to my parents and don mention them in your useless rantings. Anyone with a regular brain cell and no further ado knows who lacks home training and doesn lack one. Look at what you have just done, you wasted a meal that right now could have saved someones life on the street… ”

”Why don you go back there and feed useless commoners like you a meal? Because this place is not a place for you. You are withdrawn from this! ” Mandarin gave her final verdict with her eyes wide open and burning from anger.

Immediately Evelyn heard this, her eyes darted towards the man sitting on the chair and her heart sank when their eyes met. She had totally forgotten that she was in his presence. If not she would not have fought for human rights that quickly and now her only way of getting in was tarnished yet, she did not want to apologize to Mandarin because she wasn guilty in the first place so why would she?1

”Mr… ”

”Out! ” Mandarin yelled at her and Coconut quickly came to her aid. He stretched out his hand toward the entrance.

”Please come with me, Miss. You are disqualified. ”

”Seriously? Isn he going to say anything? ” Evelyn threw her hands in the air and shut up on realizing what she had said. She quickly dashed towards the entrance not caring if she would get lost for not waiting for Coconut.

Mandarin calmed herself down and went back to stand beside Ryan. Her face was now gentle as she tried calming herself more. Ryans thumb smoothed his chin in the aspect of rubbing as he was distant in mind…locked on the corridor of thinking.

”Thank you for coming. ” Evelyn was pushed out and she puffed her cheeks as the high gate was shut against her. Didn that go so well? She thought sarcastically. Now she had to think of one excuse to give Shaft that might save her from his wrath. It was simple, she would just tell him that her food wasn chosen amongst the others and so was disqualified. Now that was the right answer to give. She looked at the whole building and started her Israeli walk for one hour a day.

Maybe she shouldn have gone into the law course.

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