he looked like she wanted to follow you?”

“I can't say she's a hindrance, but I'd feel better if she wasn't around.”

 ”Is that so? If you are going to be an adventurer, wouldn't it be more convenient to have a party member with you?”


 Don't hit a sore spot.


 ”Because you yourself are aware of it, albeit thinly.”


 No deception, huh?

 Fatima's smile deepens.

Does she really have no ego? I doubt it.


 ”Well, enough joking, let's get down to business.”


 Fatima gets up from her seat and takes a seat across from me.


 ''Well…as long as we're sharing memories, it's just a confirmation.
There is something I need you to do before you leave the territory.”

 ”Oh, that thing Zubel found, right?”

“Yes, it is.
The newly discovered ruins.
Zubel seemed to think it was a dungeon.”


 I know from Zubel's memory that the man had discovered some strange architecture in the territory.

 After a brief investigation, he said it could be an undiscovered dungeon.


 …I've heard it's not confirmed yet, though, because they haven't done an internal investigation.


 In short, it seems that the idea of monopolizing the profits generated by this dungeon was the impetus for this incident.

 It was a more ludicrous motive than I thought.

 Well, if it really was a dungeon, it would certainly be worth a lot of money.


 If we are lucky, there is a possibility that there are weapons and magic tools buried in the dungeon, such as magic swords, holy swords, and other weapons with standard cheating performance.

 You could use that as bait to lure adventurers and charge them an entrance fee.

 If it were me, I'd do a full exploration and lure adventurers.


 If there was anything usable, I could take it, if not, I could sell it off and use it to maintain the territory.

 I'm going to leave the territory to Fatima and Heidi, but I should at least cooperate with them.

Now that things have changed, it's a plus for me that this territory survives.


 I no longer have to worry about people trying to kill me, and I'm more or less willing to work for the territory.

 Besides…I'm interested in undiscovered ruins.

 It's exciting to be able to go into a place that no one has ever been before.


 I'm heading there as soon as possible tomorrow.


 ”By the way, what about me? I can go with you if you need me to.”


 Hmm, I thought.

 Fatima is strong.
As a rearguard, she is probably one of the best I have ever seen.

 She would be a good asset if I took her with me….


 ”No, this time I will go alone.
I'll come to you for help if I need it, but for now, that's okay.”

 ”I understand.
I'll go check on Zubel's property.”

 ”Oh, all right.
Is there anything else you want me to do?”


 Fatima looked a little worried.


“Then I have a favor to ask you.”

 ”Say it.”


–Could you please share some roots to me?


 A voice echoes in my head.
Fatima sent me an image because she said it is easier to explain this way than to say it with her mouth.

According to Fatima, she claims that she is like an offshoot of my main body and that she cannot multiply.

 Fatima says that she can do the same things as me, but it takes a long time for her to repair her body unless she grows more roots.


 I was not aware of this because I can grow my own roots, but I guess it's a lot of work if you don't have many roots.


…Well, that's not a problem at all, is it? So? How much do you want?


 ”This much, please.”


 Fatima held out her hands.


 That woman…she took it with her whole heart.


 I complained in my mind while eating my meal at the cafeteria.

 Fatima took a good amount of roots from me.

 Thanks to her, I had to increase the production of roots in my body, and I felt a sense of hunger that was unfamiliar to me.


I am currently on a binge eating to regain the energy I lost.

 At first, I ate 10 meat…oops, I ate 10 bodies, and then I started to calm down.

 I still have some left over, so I'm going to eat as much as I can.


Now that I've finished eating, it's time to clean up with Fatima and the crew outside.

 The barrels are mostly cleaned up, but they're broken here and there, so we'll have to do some emergency repairs with magic.

 Oh, and by the way, the contents of the barrels were survivors of the “soul hunters.”


 They had been captured by Fatima and were in the barrel with their hands and feet cut off and a magic stone stuck in their heads.

 Apparently, Fatima was using the magic stone in their heads to manipulate the walls and gates, as well as to generate magic power for creating and using golems.

Even though she was manipulating them, it seems that she was actually making them emit magic power through the magic stone.


In short, the magic itself was performed by Fatima, but the magic power itself seems to have been collected from the people in the barrels.

 If that was the case, it was understandable that she was able to maintain that amount of power.

 However, to my surprise, she seemed to be operating it all by herself.


Was that also the reason why their movements became sluggish after starting the battle with Heidi?

 It was a great skill, but in the end, she couldn't make the most of it.

The contents of the remaining barrels had been forced to twist out the magic power, and the one with breath was completely broken and crippled.


 I knew there were survivors, but I didn't know they were here.

They were lucky I could get rid of them.


 Well, now that all my worries are gone, I'll get to work after I eat the rest of the meat.


 Now all that's left is to explore the ruins tomorrow….


 I'm looking forward to it.


 I proceeded with my meal with an upbeat mood.

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