Chapter 8: Time to set off ②

Saying that, I turned my attention to the great sword,『Dainsleif』slung across my back.

It was a magical weapon left behind by that dark mage, and, aside from being ridiculously heavy, it was a pretty good kid.

When I gripped the hilt, I felt a wave of desire to shed blood, but Muramasa intervened and it shut up.

According to that skeleton with muscles, Dainsleif was apparently superior, but maybe it had a humble personality.
I love obedient and well-behaved kids.

“Magical weapons are rare war assets.
I hope it will be used for peace from now on.
So, I’ll be submitting it to the imperial capital’s knight order.” (※ they say you can get money if you bring it there!!!!).

“I see…you're really a dependable kid,” said the village chief.

“That's not true (※Yes, I’m!!!!).”

With that, the conversation ended, and the villagers looked at me straight in the eye as I departed, bidding them farewell.

“If you're tired, come back anytime.
We'll welcome you with open arms,” said the village chief.

“…Thank you very much, village chief.
Well then, until someday (※ I want to go home already…),” I replied, hiding my sore muscles pain as I set off.

Ah, I hope I could say goodbye to Muramasa next time I come home.
And I wanted to stop being such a difficult character as the『Evil Condemner』.
It was only exhausting, and if I became famous for it, I might get requests to defeat dangerous people!

◆ ◇ ◆

“Truly, Kurou-kun is a splendid kid,” said the village chief pensively, watching Kurou’s departing back with the other villagers.

――In the battle the other day, the appearance of Kurou, who mercilessly killed the black mage and his monsters, made even those who were saved feel frightened.

How much passion did he unleash? Kurou’s swordsmanship was so intense that even amateurs could tell that he was a master of sword arts, and his appearance seemed almost insane.

But when he looked at them and saw that they were safe, he smiled and said, “Ah, everyone…I'm glad…”

Fear disappeared at the sight of that kid, who fought with the anger of justice in his heart, to protect the powerless and prevent the tragedy of his hometown from ever happening again.

Everyone thanked him as he lost consciousness in front of them.
And today, Kurou suddenly decided to leave on a journey.

The village chief and others were surprised, but they knew deep down that it was inevitable.
As a “condemner,” he would fly away as a crow hunting evil, never allowing anyone else to lose their hometown like they did.

“Village chief,” the boys and girls who were Crow's compatriots spoke to him as they saw him off.

“Kurou-kun…that kid will continue to fight a harsh battle from now on.
So that no one like us will ever lose their hometown again.”

“That may be so…”

“Then why don't we tell the nearby villages about『Evil Condemner – Kurou』?! Spread the word of his name throughout the world!”

The boys and girls' eyes burned


with passion as they spoke to the village chief.


“If Kurou-kun’s story is spread, someone who can help him may appear during his journey! Even if we are powerless…we don't want to be unable to do anything anymore!”

The village chief was quietly moved by their passion.
Kurou’s courage and kindness had lit a fire in the hearts of others.

Once again, a strong sense of respect emerged in his heart for that young man.
I believe that, in the heart of these kids, he is the most important person in the world today.

“Okay, I get it! If this is the case, why don't we make a lot of poems and books, and spread them throughout nearby villages! Let's tell the story of『Evil Condemner – Kurou』revered on the day of his departure!”

“Yes, chief!”

The kids – boys and girls – both along with the other villagers rushed on this very day to sign the bravery and courage of a young man named Kurou, who embarked on the journey to plunder evil from the world.

In this way, with this village as the place of origin, Kurou's existence would spread all over the world.

――However, from Kurou's point of view, it was a big NO! NO!!!

In the first place, he is not any condemner, and he has neither courage nor kindness.

It was all just acting out to hide the curse, but inside, he's a trashy little selfish boy.
If it was possible, he wouldn’t even bait an eye to a battle.

However, these things were completely out of question to arose in the villager’s thoughts.

“Okay, shall we create a song?”

“That's good.”

The villagers innocently planned to spread the existence of Kurou and this day Kurou fan club was established for the first time in history.

They interpret Kurou's line, “Ah, everyone…
I'm glad…”, which Kurou thought was “I’m glad I’m not suspected by anyone,” to mean “I'm glad everyone is safe!”, and they love Kurou.
had become human.

In addition, the little kids who were saved by Kurous, who were full of adoration for him from the beginning along with the girls, their favorability exceeded the limit!

Later, in order to spread the name of Kurou’s bravery, some became bard and some became singer and travelled around the world…!

In this way, the villagers who were unknown of the real scenario has begun to make a grand plan, while on the other hand, Kurou was in a miserable state of being homeless, unaware of the terrible scheme that had just begun to manifest.

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