“I mean, we're here to learn magic, right?”
Asan was staring at him as if he was a traitor, so he instinctively tried to defend his actions.
“…You're right.”
“And think about it.
Do you think the principal would budge just because we lodge a complaint?”
Asan accepted this reasoning.
Even from his perspective, the chances of them successfully changing the lich's mind seemed close to none.
“We probably have a 95% chance of failure.”
“Where did the 5% chance of success come from…”
Now that Asan was convinced, Yi-han turned his attention to the piece of paper that had the instructions on how to use .
To activate a spell, the caster's will was the most important, followed by chants and gestures.
– The following chant may prove helpful in casting : Move, move, control…
Hmm, I guess that would work.”
Yi-han decided on a chant that suited him best before moving on to the gestures.
He lightly swung his staff in a clockwise direction a few times, but each time he did so, the flow of his mana changed a little.
'Magic really is a difficult field to study…'
Yi-han once again came to realize how difficult it was to learn magic.
Even the simplest of spells required him to concentrate fully and practice.
First, he had to focus and wish for a spell to activate.
Then, he had to pour more mana into the spell through chanting.
Lastly, he had to direct the mana with his staff, making sure not to deviate from the course.
It was as if he was on a unicycle, spinning planes on both hands while trying to maintain his balance.
“But Wardanaz, didn't Professor Kim tell us to not practice magic outside his class?”
“We're just following the principal's orders.
He's higher up the food chain.”
Asan was once again convinced by Yi-han's logic.
Still, that didn't mean his mana capacity would suddenly increase.
After around 4 tries, he faltered and slumped to the ground.
“Ugh…sorry Wardanaz…I'm suddenly feeling dizzy…”
“Don't mind me and just take a rest.”
Yi-han was focused on casting .
He felt mana being shot out from the tip of his staff and going straight for the quill.
The quill quivered for a second after being hit by it.
'There's still some problem with my movement.'
Yi-han's biggest weapon was his overwhelming quantity of mana.
Others would have to take a break after casting a few spells, but he could continue practicing without breaking a sweat.

Yi-han placed a mirror in front of him before trying again, hoping to see the changes in his movement with his own eyes.
'Should I put less strength into it? Let's try it out.
Hmm, I think it's gotten a bit better.
“Wardanaz, you alright?”
Asan, who had been laying down, asked while grunting.
Yi-han nodded.
“So this is what it means to be a Wardanaz…Ugh, I for one, am feeling so dizzy right now…”
For a split second, Yi-han felt his mind resonate with the quill as if he had grown a third hand and grabbed the quill with him.
The quill which had only been quivering until now slowly rose in the air.
Now, he had to concentrate on controlling it.
'Slowly…there's no need to rush…'
It was as if a firecracker had gone off.
The quill shot forward like a dart and went out of the classroom through an open window.
“W-what was that?”
“…The quill just flew off?”
“A-amazing…Wardanaz, you just succeeded in casting the spell!”
“No, it's too early to call it a success.”
was a first-circle telekinesis spell, and it entailed delicate control of a small or light object.
Yi-han wasn't the most knowledgeable when it came to magic, but he was certain that the quill wasn't supposed to shoot out like that.
'There are two major obstacles in activating this spell.'
It didn't end with just casting the spell.
He had to then focus on moving the object the way he wanted.
He had succeeded in the first step but had failed in the next.
'But it's alright.
I've succeeded in casting the spell.
Controlling the quill shouldn't be a challenge.'
Pong! Pong! Pong! Pong! Pong! Pong!
Asan Dargard stared at Yi-han in terror.
A quill had embedded itself on a wall next to him.
“…Sorry about that.”
His earlier confidence had vanished.
He was having a lot of trouble controlling the quill.
The moment he thought of moving it, it would shoot out like an arrow.
It was as if he was subconsciously doing it on purpose!

'Is it…
because of my mana?'
He looked back to what Professor Kim had told him.
He'd been told that he would have some trouble with magic because he had much, much, much, much, much more mana than most people.
'Let's try it one more time.'
Let's see if you guys have been hard at work.
Rejoice, for I'll be doing the rest with my magic!
The door opened, and in came Principal Skelly.
The quill went straight for the principal's forehead.
At that moment, Yi-han became Asan Dargard's hero.
To think a freshman would dare attack the principal.
Surprisingly, Principal Skelly didn't lash out at them.
Found it already, eh? You two are Ironheads alright, but bright ones.
“Does that mean we won't have to do this meaningless task from now on?”
Unless you learn to use the spell, you'll have to keep wasting your time like this.
Asan glared at the principal, which the latter took great pleasure in.
That was when Yi-han carefully butted in.
“Respected and honorable principal, sir!”
I hear sweet flattery coming from somewhere.
What is it?
“Is there any trick to controlling the objects?”
From what happened earlier, it seems you've managed to cast it.
Having trouble controlling it?
Beginners tend to be like that.
“Is that so?”
Yi-han was relieved.
He thought it had something to do with his mana.
Apparently, it was something all beginners experienced.
Sike! Hahahahaha!
Casting is the hard part.
You usually get used to controlling the object after a try or two.
Making it shoot out like an arrow? Not easy.
Sucks to suck eh? Figure it out yourself.
'He's the principal.
He's the principal.
He's the principal.'
Yi-han tried his best to keep his emotions under control, which was frustrating to see for the lich.
Asan was truly like a child, losing his composure at the slightest provocation, which was always a pleasure to watch.
This Wardanaz, on the other hand, was like an adult in a child's skin, showing incredible patience.
But fret not, for magic is something you get better at the more you practice.
Now, off you go to lunch!

They had been forced to stay throughout the morning, and by the time they were allowed to leave, the others had gone off to their respective classes.
Asan's mana had yet to recover fully, so he left for the ward.
'I should grab lunch.'
Lunch for the freshmen meant hard bread and cold rice balls, but Yi-han had the meat that he had smoke-dried before.
'Let's see if there's any fruit and vegetables outside…'
He wasn't sure in the beginning, but he was starting to think this was all part of the principal's plan.
Students that could take a hint would've started searching for food by now.
Yi-han turned around to look after being called out.
Princess Adenart, with her long silver hair and ice-cold expression, was standing in the hallway.
“What can I do for you?”
Adenart simply pointed at a piece of paper in her hand.
He realized what she was here for.
During alchemy class, he had helped her out, and in exchange, he had asked her for information as she had a much larger intelligence network.
'If I recall correctly, I asked her for a list of useful classes.'
Other than the mandatory courses, students at Einroguard were allowed to choose what they wished to learn.
However, for freshmen, finding a class that fit their needs perfectly was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
Since they weren't allowed to communicate with the second-years, they had to get by exchanging information.
The princess silently handed him the piece of paper.
“Thank you…hmm?”
Yi-han was happily reading through the list when he abruptly stopped.
-Popular classes-
The fact that alchemy was there made it exceedingly suspicious.
That wasn't what he had been thinking of when he had asked for a list of good classes.
He had asked for classes that gave good grades, not “popular classes”.
“Um, Your Highness?”
“What does it mean here by popular classes?”
There was a slight change in Adenart's expression as if she was feeling confused and troubled.
Yi-han thought it was necessary to explain a bit more.
“Your Highness.
What I asked for was a list of classes that give good grades, not classes that are popular.
In fact, classes that are the least popular tend to give the best grades.”

Yi-han wasn't so naive as to be swept away by what people deemed popular.
Popular classes = Classes with lots of talented students = Hard to get good grades
Not-so-popular classes = Less competition = Easy to get good grades
Of course, the princess wasn't of the same mind as him.
Adenart stared at him in disbelief.
She couldn't come to terms with the fact that he was actually looking for easy classes.
'Why would a Wardanaz behave this way?' She wondered.
For some reason, she felt disappointed.
The Wardanaz she saw during alchemy seemed to be the noblest of them all, and yet…
She took out another piece of paper that contained the list of classes that she wished to avoid.
-Unpopular Classes-
Yi-han was amazed by the list.
He could already tell how unpopular these classes were.
First and foremost, swordsmanship.
Not many people would think of learning how to swing a sword after entering a magic academy.
Just focusing on magic was hard enough.
Who in their right mind would waste their time on swordsmanship?
It was the same case with stamina training.
Nobody would want to squander precious time which could be used to practice magic.
Mages were called frail for a reason.
wouldn't be popular in Einroguard either.
They were trying to learn magic to pursue the truth of this universe.
It wasn't to get better at fighting.
If they wished to improve at combat, they would just join a knights' guild or a swordsman's guild.
Every student's motivation for attending Einroguard was different.
However, becoming the strongest in combat was probably not on anyone's list of goals.
Magic was about learning, not about fighting.
'But who cares.'
Yi-han wasn't the type to be shackled down by others' beliefs.
Swordsmanship and stamina training were both things he was confident in.
After all, he had been training those under Arlong long before he entered the academy.
As for repetitive training in magic combat, there was no harm in learning how to fight with magic.
It would give him another means to survive in dangerous situations.
And the cherry on top was the grades he would receive…
“Thank you, Your Highness.”
Adenart nodded indifferently.
There was a mix of disappointment and disdain on her face, but Yi-han was too focused on the list of classes to notice.
“Then until next time, I bid you adieu!”
Yi-han turned around and left swiftly.
The princess was about to say something, but decided not to in the end and left after letting out a small sigh.

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