Thirty minutes ago, Ye Yixing was a healthy and well-developed human being, a twenty-year-old male.


He was dressed in stylish and fashionable designer clothes, with shiny golden hair and a mischievous smile on his handsome face.
From head to toe, he exuded a unique charm and charisma that was somewhere between a boy and a man, the embodiment of a new generation of “cowboys” or, rather, “bookish” young men.


Today is Ye Yixing's good friend Yang Qu's birthday.
Speaking of Yang Qu, his relationship with Ye Yixing is not simple.
Yang Qu is one year older than Ye Yixing and is now the head of the literary department of the student union at F University.
They were also high school classmates, and although there was a year's gap between them, they both ran the school's literary department.
After entering university, Ye Yixing was taken care of by Yang Qu on several occasions, and Yang Qu even intended to pass on the position of head of the literary department directly to Ye Yixing.


It should be mentioned that both times were direct succession, and in Yang Qu's words, “I can only rest assured if Ye Yixing takes over.”


Frequent encounters have turned the two from being just senior and junior into good friends who can talk about anything.
Today is Yang Qu's twenty-first birthday, and how could Ye Yixing not attend? The only thing is that his birthday falls on April Fool's Day, and this fact has been ridiculed by Ye Yixing, Yang Qu, and their group of friends countless times.


Yang Qu has a wide circle of friends and has also invited some members of the literary department and classmates from the same department.
Those who are unaware of the situation have received Yang Qu's invitation and thought it was an April Fool's Day prank, unsure whether to believe it or not.


Yang Qu just smiled and said, “Let those who willingly fall for the prank come to my birthday party.”


Carrying a newly bought Prada wallet as a birthday gift for Yang Qu, Ye Yixing headed to a designated hotel KTV room.


Dangling carefree on the main road, he attracted the gazes of countless girls and boys.
He blinked his electrifying peach blossom eyes, feeling good.
When he saw a girl with a good figure blowing a whistle, he became more elated.
He saw the shy girls looking away and whispering to their companions, and he felt even more proud of himself.


Leaving the university campus area, he walked one street ahead and reached the city centre commercial street.
He noticed a black cat squatting at the intersection across the street, looking hesitant to cross the road due to the constant passing of vehicles.


The speeding vehicles did not pay attention to the shadowy creature, and Ye Yixing's heart sank.
Suddenly, the black cat took advantage of a gap and rushed towards him like the wind.
The driver of a small truck spotted the furry animal in the middle of the road and honked the horn loudly.
However, the driver had no intention of slowing down, and the truck rushed towards the cat.
The black cat heard the horn and slowed down, looking around.


Ye Yixing had no time to think twice, and despite the car close to him, he ran over with long legs and reached out to grab the black cat's neck, holding it tightly as he crossed the street.


As he bowed to grab the cat, Ye Yixing laughed in his mind, picturing the basketball court and feeling like he was performing a breakthrough and dunk.


Behind him, the truck and the driver who stuck his head out of the window were cursing angrily, “Are you looking for death?!”


Ye Yixing was frightened, and the cat in his hand struggled desperately, scratching his arm with its sharp claws.
He took a deep breath, crouched down, and teased the black cat in front of him, “Little guy, do you know that I just saved your life? Huh?”


The black cat listened and calmed down, its front paws hanging down slightly, almost making a praying gesture.
The cat's eyes were a kind of green that Ye Yixing had never seen before.
The green was even purer than that of an emerald like it could emit a brilliant light at any moment.
At this moment, the cat's eyes met Ye Yixing's.


Ye Yixing smiled at the black cat, reached out his other hand, and gently touched it from the head to the tail.
The black cat's body slowly relaxed, and when the spine became soft, Ye Yixing loosened his grip and gently put it down.
He patted its head and said softly, “Let's go, be careful.”


Freed from the constraints of being held, the black cat ran ten steps away instantly.
After confirming that it was beyond the reach of any humans, it stopped and turned its head to look at Ye Yixing before disappearing into the darkness.


At this moment, the birthday star seemed to have been stopped by someone, and then a loud noise came through the phone.
Ye Yixing vaguely heard someone shouting, “…He Yanlu!” He tightened his grip on the phone, and his heart pounded hard.
Then he heard someone say, “Yang Dacai's face is really big.
He can invite the ice queen beauty from our department.” This was followed by a burst of laughter…


Ye Yixing frowned, and his heart pounded rapidly.
He thought to himself, He Yanlu, He Yanlu…
Did he go too?


Unaware that he was holding his phone and standing in the middle of the road in a daze, the taxi that was far away just moments ago was now close by.
When Ye Yixing turned his head, he only saw the rapidly enlarging front of the car and the panicked face of the taxi driver behind the windshield.
He heard the sharp sound of the brakes and the sound of the tires rubbing against the ground…


In the last moment, the only thing he saw was the eyes of the black cat – bright green, deep and getting closer.


At that moment, Ye Yixing thought to himself, What a crappy day.
I experienced two car accident risks at the same time and in the same place.
It's true that misfortunes never come singly.
I should have checked the almanack before leaving.
I shouldn't have gone to Yang's weird birthday party.
I should have just bought him a gift and mailed it to him…




It seemed like he wasn't dead from the accident.
Why didn't he feel any pain at all? Ye Yixing stumbled to his feet, feeling a bit dizzy, and opened his eyes.
Looking at the suddenly magnified world, his first impression was that his brain might have been damaged, possibly affecting his visual system.


Then, Ye Yixing looked down and found that the ground was very close to him, as if he were doing push-ups and his eyes were close to the ground.
And where exactly was the bag hanging? Why did he feel like it was hanging around his neck?!


When he realised that something was wrong, Ye Yixing saw his own black, small feet…


To be precise, they were two paws.


Dumbfounded, crouching at the street corner – where he had put down the black cat earlier, Ye Yixing looked around in disbelief and remembered his whimsical thought from earlier: “If there was magic, the cat would repay me…”


At first, the passersby seemed not to have noticed him, until someone sat on the ground for five or six minutes and faintly heard a girl's voice drifting from not far away, “Ah, look, there's a black cat.
It's so cute…”


“Wow, it's wearing a bag around its neck.
Is it its owner's? Ah, it's so adorable!…”


Ye Yixing, who was still struggling with his thoughts and reality, turned to stone when he heard these two sentences.


This wasn't a dream…


This wasn't a dream!!!


He had really, truly turned into a cat!!!


“The young master Ye was squatting in front of the French window with a look of sorrow.
He felt it was not worth it.
If he had known that the cat's repayment was real, he should have been more careful with his usage.
He had just saved the black cat and in less than three minutes, he gave the cat a chance to return the favour.
He didn't even have time to experience the carefree life of having two lives in his hands…


Trembling the cat's whiskers, someone looked at his new image as if accepting his fate: “It's a pity that my originally dyed blonde hair didn't turn into golden cat hair.
It would have looked more handsome…” The black fur looked eerie.
“Look at your stupid face…I swear if you keep staring at me like that, I will scratch you to death!!” Ye Yixing cursed at the black cat on the glass and suddenly felt very silly.


He tried to slightly open his mouth and then held his breath, focusing his energy in his lower abdomen, controlling his breathing and voice, ensuring that the air was evenly delivered and not letting out too much sound at once.
Then, “Meow ~” rang out in the silence, clear and melodious, spreading far and wide.


Of course, exaggerating it as being heard hundreds of miles away, but if you had just passed by, you would have been lucky enough to see this extremely bizarre scene: a black cat with a small gift bag hanging from its neck, with a silly expression, stretching its neck towards the black glass and carefully calling out, then shaking its fur and acting scared of itself…


Ye Yixing's limbs went weak, and he almost fainted.
Although he had mentally prepared himself to face his new voice, hearing such a cute and high-pitched voice that was beyond his tolerance, he felt his whole body shudder.


“Oh my god! Even before my voice broke, my voice was more manly than this cat's meow! How can I face the people of Jiangdong with this voice?! How can I continue to live as Ye Yixing?! You might as well have let me get hit by that taxi and reincarnate! As a man, I would rather turn into a leopard, a tiger, or even a polar bear, than turn into a cat that can only sell cuteness!!”


Ye Yixing looked at the black cat on the glass, with tears in its eyes, ears drooping, and tail curled up, looking pitiful and cute.
“Now is not the time to be silly,” his phone rang again.


Yes, his phone and his personal belongings were all in the bag hanging from his neck.
The name “Yang Qu” appeared on the flashing screen.
Ye Yixing helplessly lifted his front paw and looked at his pink pad, “My god, when I press this cat paw, it's a whole keyboard.
Let's say I manage to pick up the call, then what? Do I 'meow, meow, meow' with Yang Qu? Wouldn't he think I'm crazy…


Besides, even if I could speak, it would be difficult…

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