The person being kissed, whose tongue was sucked and unintentionally dodged, seemed to respond rather than resist.
They didn’t know if they closed their eyes out of shyness or fear, their eyelashes trembling.
One of their hands was still wandering and groping behind your back…

…Isn’t this seeking death?

So, Yang Qu lived up to everyone’s expectations and pressed down even tighter on this unintentionally teasing yet “deliberately” seductive fool.
He loosened his grip on Chu Wenxing’s wrist that he had been holding, and his hand gradually slid down, skillfully slipping inside the other’s clothes…

Accompanied by Chu Wenxing’s slightly trembling and muffled moans, Yang Qu thought with satisfaction, hmm… His waist felt just as good as he had imagined, just slightly thinner.

With both hands now smearing oil on his back, Yang Qu released the other’s lips, allowing him a moment to catch his breath, but only for a brief moment.
Without giving him even a second more, he kissed him again.

The living room was filled with increasingly heavy breaths and occasional soft moans escaping from someone’s throat.
Chu Wenxing’s fingers had wiped away most of the grease, and it was time for his hands to fulfill their true purpose—his left paw clung to Yang Qu’s waist, while his right paw gripped his shoulder.
At this moment, he was practically half-leaning and half-hanging onto the other person.

Ten minutes ago, Chu Wenxing had been fierce and combative, but now he resembled a cat being caressed.
His cheeks were flushed, his expression intoxicated, only occasionally furrowing his brow to express his discomfort…

It was only when Yang Qu’s palm ventured further and rubbed against his chest that Chu Wenxing suddenly jolted, opened his eyes wide, and began to struggle with all his might.

(=皿=) How could he let himself be kissed until he was dizzy like this?! This kind of thing happened to him of all people!!!

Chu Wenxing, what the hell are you thinking?! No matter what you’re thinking, thinking about it won’t summon help for you! Be rational! Stay calm! Buddha, Amitabha, quickly bestow him with infinite strength and slap this big-tailed wolf in front of his eyes!

Ouch! Be on high alert! Preserve your purity! Your chastity was almost compromised!

“Smack!” A slap landed on Yang Qu’s… shoulder.

Why the shoulder? Was Chu Wenxing too short to reach his face with the slap? No! He wouldn’t stoop so low as to slap the other person’s face! He wanted to push away Yang Qu’s head that was approaching once again, but the other person reacted quickly, tilting his body, and the head wasn’t pushed away, so the slap landed on his shoulder.

So, this action somehow looked like two comrades-in-arms encouraging each other in battle.
If they added, “Hey, buddy, well done!” it would have been even more appropriate.

After hesitating for a while, Chu Wenxing’s face blushed.
It was as if a slow-cooked pot suddenly received a burst of firewood, and the previously simmering porridge began to bubble and boil vigorously.

Heh heh, it turned out that touching that area was his bottom line.
Yang Qu realized this and restrained himself, loosening his grip on Chu Wenxing, his eyes shining brightly as he stared at the little guy in his arms.
However, he had no intention of questioning the slap on his shoulder, as if it was just a passing cloud.

It was necessary to give him some space to escape, otherwise, if he got scared too much, it wouldn’t be fun anymore.

At crucial moments, small animals are very sensitive.
Sensing that Yang Qu’s momentum had diminished, Chu Wenxing seized the opportunity and pushed him away in one go.
His hands were no longer greasy, so he wiped the grease on the soles of his feet, blushing, and hurriedly slammed the door, staging the third escape.

Yang Qu didn’t chase after him.
He turned around and saw a glass on the table that was still half full of water, as well as the leftover meat bun wrapped in a transparent food bag.
The meat had been eaten, leaving only a flat bun skin, squeezed and left there, seemingly waiting for someone to consume it.

Yang Qu reached out and grabbed the bag, held it up to his mouth, and with half a glass of cold water, started eating the bun skin that Chu Wenxing had bitten, one bite at a time.

While eating, he smirked, as if he had discovered a treasure map like a pirate.

You can’t escape, little guy with a hidden agenda.

Experiencing physical reactions and even being intoxicated and infatuated when kissed by a man, what other excuses could there be to refute this?


In a certain film, the protagonist has a classic line that goes: “I guessed the beginning, but I couldn’t guess the ending.”

Ye Yixing twitched his mustache and lowered his ears – damn it, he didn’t even guess the “opening song”!

“Why do you admire him?” he asked, trying to steady his voice.

He Yanlu rubbed the tail of the black cat.
When he was uneasy, he always liked to touch that spot, sometimes playing with it like a ball of yarn, twirling it around his fingers.

“Because of him, I started writing novels…”

“Huh?” What? Did he hear correctly? It was because of himself that He Yanlu started writing? What kind of international joke is this? When Zhiyan started serializing novels online, he was still a silly first-year high school student wearing a stupid school uniform!

“Before that, I just loved reading books, but I never had the thought of writing myself.
One time, my deskmate accidentally left a youth magazine on the desk, and there was a story written by Luomu Zhiqiu.”

“Wait… at that time… how old was your dad?” Ye Yixing carefully pondered the question, pretending to be a curious little cat, detached from the matter.

“Well… he was in his first year of high school, sixteen years old?”

“…Wow, so young.” Ye Yixing wondered what sixteen-year-old He Yanlu looked like.
He must have been incredibly cute… Ahem, saliva, saliva, hold it in!!

“Hehe, for a cat demon who has lived for over a hundred years, what age is considered young?” He Yanlu chuckled in response.

(=_=) “Okay… What happened next?” Ye Yixing tried to think.
When He Yanlu was in his first year of high school, he was in his third year of middle school.
Did he ever publish an article in a magazine?

“That magazine was called ‘Future Writers.’ I still remember it clearly.
His story was called ‘The Other World in My Dreams,’ published under the name Luomu Zhiqiu, from X Middle School in S City, at the age of fifteen.”

Reminded by He Yanlu, Ye Yixing suddenly remembered.
That was his childish work from middle school, just something he wrote for fun.
But unexpectedly, it spread among his classmates, and later his Chinese teacher took it and submitted it for him.
Speaking of which, he even came up with his pen name at that time! He never expected his debut work to encounter sixteen-year-old He Yanlu!

“His story had a great impact on me at that time.
With just over two thousand words, he immersed me in the world he created, unable to extricate myself.
It was only after that for a long time that I tried writing myself.
Slowly, I realized that I could write too, and I discovered that words have such power, they can make me happy.”

“…So he inspired you!”

Curiosity killed the cat! Oh my god! Can’t happiness come a bit slower?! His little heart was about to burst with excitement – his connection with He Yanlu was destined!

“A year later, I started serializing novels online, and many people came to read my stories.
I was very happy and fulfilled.
I thought it didn’t matter even if I was alone.” He Yanlu said this, but his grip on the cat tightened, as if it was a way to draw strength.

Ye Yixing turned around and rubbed against him for comfort, while questioning, “Alone all the time?”

From the fragments of conversation between He Yanlu and Chu Wenxing earlier, he felt that there seemed to be significant issues with He Yanlu’s family.
He had always wanted to ask, and now, with He Yanlu pouring out his heart, it was a good opportunity to explore.

He Yanlu nodded, pressing his face against the black cat’s head.
After hesitating for a while, he intermittently said, “Um… your grandmother had a child out of wedlock, and that child was me.
Your grandfather was originally from a well-off family, so when I was born, I didn’t have a normal family.
When I was five, she committed suicide and left me alone.”

Ye Yixing knew who the “she” referred to afterward.
However, when he heard the words “your grandfather” and “your grandmother” (= =), he felt a chill down his spine, and his hair stood on end.

Well, stay calm! From He Yanlu’s perspective, it was indeed the right way to address them…

This guy was so immersed in his role as a father, it went too deep!

But he never expected that this cliché novel plot would actually happen to He Yanlu! Although there are indeed similar cases in reality, where children who lost their parents early are adopted or live with their elderly relatives, they are treated indifferently, forced to do many household chores, and sit on the floor to do homework, experiencing hardships and so on…

However, He Yanlu had been alone since he was five?

At this moment, he was already immersed in his memories, slowly narrating.
He Yanlu had never told others in such detail about his background and lonely past, not even when faced with Chu Wenxing’s care.

Some things, if left unspoken, felt like they were forgotten.
It’s best if he could deceive himself.

He Yanlu thought that if he were to speak, he would definitely cry and feel very uncomfortable.
However, at this moment, he unexpectedly felt calm, as if he were talking about things from a past life or someone else’s story.

His mother came to the big city from some unknown place, alone with a few looks.
She probably had a longing for the intoxicated life in the city or was chasing her fantasy of love.
However, she was too naive and ignorant, not knowing that the outside world was not as pure and simple as she imagined.

Just like Eve being deceived by the snake, without a heart strong enough to resist temptation, she would quickly lose herself.

A girl who hadn’t experienced any hardships, what kind of strong mentality could she have?

Once the fragile defense line had a breach, it became like a mere illusion.
Just like a house without a solid foundation, with the slightest shake, it would collapse.

Unable to endure it, she chose to end her life.

After his birth mother’s death, his “father” didn’t take him in.
In fact, he had never even seen his father before.

Just then, a young uncle appeared, reportedly the only acquaintance of his mother in the city.
Out of pity, the uncle went through the formalities to adopt him, saving him from suffering in an orphanage.

Adoption is not the same as fostering.
The uncle hired a nanny to take care of He Yanlu until he turned twelve.
After that, he only sent money every month.
As a mere “acquaintance,” he had already done more than enough.

Listening to this, Ye Yixing was shocked again and again.

Twelve years old! Goodness, that’s when he finished elementary school!? At that age, he was just an innocent child, playing computer games, having everything provided for him.
He was carefree and naive… Meanwhile, He Yanlu was already living on his own at the age of twelve! No wonder he felt lonely! No wonder he longed to eat his mother’s sweet and sour spare ribs!

Ye Yixing felt a pang of heartache for this man, a feeling that seemed even more painful and distressing than his own personal experiences.

“I always thought that I had a difficult time starting out and I wished to grow up quickly, thinking that when I grow up, I won’t have to go through such hardships again.
But now, looking back, maybe those experiences weren’t so bad… When experiences come, I should be grateful for them, whether they are good or bad, because they are invaluable treasures.
Without them, I wouldn’t have the mindset I have now, nor would I be able to write so many good stories…” He Yanlu lowered his head, and his black cat stared at him with a pair of watery emerald eyes, never blinking.
He continued, “Without those experiences, maybe I wouldn’t have met you, and I wouldn’t have realized how happy I could be by having you.”

Ye Yixing swore that these were the most tear-jerking words he had ever heard in his life.

“Dad…” he choked up, “even the cat demon is almost in tears because of what you said…”

He Yanlu chuckled and said, “Come on, show me your tears.
I haven’t seen what a crying cat looks like.”

“No, I have to hold back,” Ye Yixing tightened his fists, “if I cry, I’ll lose all my dignity as a man.”

Pfft! You’re just a cat, not a man!

“Don’t provoke me anymore, let me compose myself!” Ye Yixing turned his head, unable to look at He Yanlu, and struggled to hold back his tears.
Fortunately, cats don’t have well-developed tear ducts.
If he were human, he would probably be crying uncontrollably and losing all dignity…

Ah, men shed tears not lightly, only when deeply moved!

He Yanlu reached out and gave the black cat’s tail a hard tug.
That tug was more effective in stopping the tears than anything else.
Ye Yixing’s whole body jolted, and his fur stood on end in an instant.

“Hey!” Ye Yixing turned around and glared at his mischievous owner, who was looking at him with a smile, his face full of curiosity.

Ye Yixing instantly deflated.
You’re such a mood-killer! I rarely get sentimental…

It was only then that he suddenly remembered that the topic of the “one person” He Yanlu admired, the subject of the conversation they had diverted from earlier, had not been fully addressed.
He quickly tried to steer the conversation back, pretending to be innocent, cute, and curious, “Dad, tell me more about that person you admire! You haven’t finished talking about it yet!”

“What do you want to hear?” He Yanlu stroked the black cat’s ears and asked.

“Just because he inspired you to write, you admire him? That can’t be it.
What happened next? What happened next, what happened next!!” His ears stood straight up, his tail held high, a certain cat feeling proud.

“Well…” He Yanlu pondered for a moment and asked, “You’re so curious, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah!” If he could meow right now, Ye Yixing would have immediately let out a few “meows.”

But unexpectedly, He Yanlu gave a cunning smile.
“I’ll tell you another time.”

(=皿=) Oh no, don’t leave me hanging at such a crucial moment! How can I bear this unbearable suspense!

However, the things Ye Yixing learned today were enough to keep him happy for several days.

In this world, there are so many novelists, and each one of them has several wonderful stories.
Yet, I happened to come across yours.
You, who stand high above with great talent, but you admire a “loser.” That person silently watched you for a long time, but never dared to admit it openly because of pride, fearing it was just their own wishful thinking…

Just when that person was about to fall in love with you, you suddenly told them that you admired them…

What does admiration mean? To Ye Yixing, it sounded no different from saying “I love you”!

Even if I can’t guess the beginning, as long as I see signs of comedy, I can manipulate the ending for you.


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