Part 1: You Have too Many Husbands

It was a summer morning with almost no wind.
The bus was full of students on their way to school.
The air was humid and hot, with a combination of both sunlight and human warmth.
Chu Feng was squeezed between them, his white button-up soaked in a hot sweat, outlining his backbones, which were trembling as he rejected the naughty student behind him.
“I-I can’t…”
The said naughty student just wrapped his arm around Chu Feng’s thin waist, overtowering him with his nearly 190cm height.
“You won’t even give me my good morning kiss, how cruel.”
Chu Feng tilted his head and focused on the reflection in the bus window.
The naughty student behind him was wearing a white school uniform with light blue pants.
On his forearm was a tattoo, while the familiar face was just as handsome as he remembered, and the way his eyebrow was raised held a certain tyrannical feel to it.
It was the youth he had missed so much.
The 18-year-old tyrant, Xie Shiyu.
Chu Feng patted the tattoo on his forearm and asked, “Did you finish your homework?”
“Have you ever met a tyrant that did homework on time?”
“And yet you still have the face to ask me for a good morning kiss? Let me go.
Do your homework first.”
Xie Shiyu released him with a pout.
The bus came to an abrupt stop because of the red light, causing Chu Feng to stumble forward.
The 18-year-old Xie Shiyu was just about to reach out his hand when someone else beat him to it.
“Be careful, professor.”
Chu Feng had been brought into the embrace of another student.
The warmth emanating from the student felt incredibly familiar, his presence caused Chu Feng to relax subconsciously.
He recognized who the student was instantly— it was 19-year-old Xie Shiyu.
Because he wanted to attend the same university as Chu Feng, he chose to repeat a year.
The restrained Xie Shiyu wasn’t as arrogant as he was when he was the tyrant of the school.
A few points of maturity rested between his brows now.

Repeat student Xie Shiyu closed the English dictionary in his hand and supported Chu Feng gently.
“Then can I have a good morning kiss? I’ve finished all my homework and I’m memorizing English words in the morning.
Aren’t I much better than that bastard?”
School tyrant Xie Shiyu flashed his middle finger at him.
“I can’t really do that…” Chu Feng could feel a headache creeping up on him.
If he only kissed this Xie Shiyu, then the rest of the Xie Shiyus would start asking for one too.
He glanced at his phone and upon seeing that it was 7:10, he shook his head.
“I’m sorry but I really can’t kiss you today.
I’ll make it up to you next time, okay?”
“Are you okay today, Chu Feng?” The 19-year-old repeat student shuffled closer, so close that they could almost kiss.
“Why do I feel like you’re a little nervous today?”
“Don’t go so close to him!” School tyrant Xie Shiyu grabbed repeat student Xie Shiyu’s collar roughly, looking down at Chu Feng, “I’m sure he’s bored of playing student and teacher.
Chu Feng, we literally grew up together, how do you have the face to listen to us calling you professor all day?”
The entire bus of Xie Shiyus turned their heads at that statement, as if in silent agreement.
Chu Feng’s face was heating up with all their eyes on him.
He stood in the crowded bus, surrounded by Xie Shiyus of all years.
The one that repeated school, the school tyrant, the one hugging a basketball, and the one that just got a buzzcut… Every single Xie Shiyu looked just as familiar as the ones in his memory.
They all exhaled warm carbon dioxide, sweating from the illegally hot weather, so real that it felt as if he was still alive.
But Chu Feng knew very well that Xie Shiyu had already died.
What surrounded him right now was a bunch of data from the new virtual reality game, Lucid Dream City.
Players could create their own cities and input people that they liked into them, changing their fates and settings to their liking.
It was all up to the player themselves, a game that allowed them to live in the city they always dreamed of.
Chu Feng’s dream was Xie Shiyu.
They’ve known each other since they were seven and grew up together.
They studied, confessed, dated, and got married at the tender age of 20 years old.
It was as if their life was out of a fairy tale.
Yet at 27 years old, that fairy tale came to an end.
On their seventh-year anniversary, Xie Shiyu changed his flight in order to get back to Chu Feng on time.
Alas, the flight he rushed on had crashed.
The entire flight crashed from thousands of meters in the sky into the ocean, and not a single person survived.
The search went on for six months, but the only thing they found in the Pacific Ocean was the remnants of the plane.
Not a single corpse had been found.
They never had another wedding anniversary after that.
It was considered Xie Shiyu’s death anniversary in the following years.
Alone in the empty house, Chu Feng lay on the king-sized bed that they used to share and put on the helmet that contained Lucid Dream City.

His brain waves connected with the system.
[Please wait as we retrieve your memory, keyword “Xie Shiyu”…]
[We apologize, your memory spans up to twenty years.
We are unable to create a single character, do you wish to create multiple characters?]
Chu Feng stared at the notification window in front of him, reaching his manicured finger to the button.
The wind carried along the warmth in the air as the bus announced over the speaker.
“Next stop, Second Secondary School.
Exiting passengers, please exit at the back door.”
The bus slowly stopped at the bus stop.
The back door slid open, and countless Xie Shiyus carried their bags and walked out of the bus in an organized row.
Now that the bus wasn’t as

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